VMars- 4 More Eps! 4 More Eps!

Yes, I’m really, deep down inside, going “Four more seasons!” I’d love to see V equal Buffy’s number of seasons on the air, but really– is that possible, and do we really want what looks like an Alias rehash which is just a Buffy rehash without all the supernatural stuff. Good thing about V is that she does not keep secrets. Eewwwhh- I’m secretly the slayer, or Eeewwwhh, I’m secretly a secret agent. Nope, V is all– damn I’m a private eye, and I’m damn good at it. Oh shit! I’m hearing Hall and Oates in my head. It is Hall and Oates that did Private Eyes, right??? Who else could produce such dreck? Hmmm, after a little recherche de web, I’m correct. Great, now I’m gonna hear that crap in my head all damn day. I should never post in the morning. Damn modernism, why does the reader have to be privy to the process, and why does the writer feel so damned compelled to make the reader privy. It’s ’cause we’re all narcissists, that’s why, and voyeurs, and we’re constantly switching roles. That’s why telly is so great. We can get our big voyeur jones rocks off and live to tell about it, while seeing ourselves at the same time. It’s a window and mirror all in one. Crazy huh??? Television, an amazing tool- the great enabler of our rampant, insecure little consumer culture. Hell, I’m some old dude, and I wish I had half the confidence and feistiness of VMars. Anyhoo.. I digress.

Okay, from the last post, as you may have noticed, though it was not explicitly stated, but only implied, perhaps, I thought VMars was completely over, as in, poof!, no more eps. However, from reading one of the very articles that I linked in that post, there are four more ‘sodes that will air in May. Silly me. I’m now having a ‘sode. I just went through all the April TV listings, saw no new VMars and just assumed… and you know what they say about assuming. Yes. Je suis un ass!!!

Ergo, I’ll now anxiously await those final May eps and conjure up visions of one last decent mini-arc. I’d prefer one juicy arc per season with ventures off into various mini subplots, but hey, the VMars folx gotta do what the VMars folx gotta do. If they can’t keep it up for a whole season, that okay. Few writing teams are that studly.

Here’s the frackin’ hubbub over at the VMarslounge at the CW site.


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